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Project Management

Due to personal and consulting oriented relationships with their clients, Focal Element coordinators provide project management services.

The construction culture is fast paced and high stress. Contractors are constantly working under tight deadlines with frequent deviations from original specifications. As a result, contractors are stretched very thin, and often have unanticipated project needs.

At Focal Element, Inc., we understand this. Based on our high level of industry expertise, and close relationship with their clients, our coordinators are able to fill many gaps in the project lifecycle in order to help our clients complete projects on time and on budget.

For example, Focal Element coordinators are available to attend meetings on behalf of their contractor, even with short notice. Focal Element coordinators will make phone calls and deal directly with subcontractors and owners, based on the trust they establish with their contractors.

At Focal Element, Inc. we tailor (and bid) project management services based your unique project needs.

Consult FocalElement, Inc. for your construction project management needs.  Contact us today to discuss your project at 240-686-0070 or contact us via e-mail at