Shop Drawings - Coordination Drawings - Maryland, DC, Virginia


We offer a variety of options to determine our cost to produce coordinated documents.  Please take a moment to review them and decide which route is best for your organization.


1. Bid Day Price
We offer to quote work on bid day. Simply notify us and we will make it a priority to have a quote ready.

2. Pre-Negotiated Labor Hour Charge We offer a fixed reduced T&M rate.
We can provide "accounting" type billing with an hourly rate for customers who need service on a retainage method. Our price can include a "not to exceed" limit.

3. After Bid Day Price
We request several items to provide an after bid day price
  • Project Information and Status**
  • Time Frame**
  • HVAC Mechanical Drawings**
  • Specifications (General Conditions and Section 15000)
  • Complete Construction Drawings (i.e., Architectural, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, Structural, Kitchen)
  • Availability of Computer-Aided Documents (i.e., CAD backgrounds including Architectural, Mechanical, Structural, Electrical, etc.)
  • Submittals

*We exclude backgrounds unless directed otherwise

**Minimum requirements

(ALL PRICES exclude printing)

We have been "coordinating" for years and offer expert services to many individuals and small businesses. In addition to our expertise, we pride ourselves on delivering these services in an affordable and timely manner. That's why most of our new clients are referred by existing clients.

To schedule a complimentary, "get to know us" meeting, please call our office at 240-686-0070 or contact us via e-mail at